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Longson Investigation and Forensics specializes in computer forensics and cell phone forensics. We are prepared to assist whether you are representing an individual involved in a civil dispute,  a spouse involved in a divorce or a parent concerned about their child's online behavior.  Wherever digital evidence is involved.


Forensic Support

From forensic investigations to corporate issues, we have an impressive collection of services designed to help you find answers or solve cases. Years of experience have taught us to tackle each investigation in a professional manner, and we’re committed to protecting the privacy of each client while doing all we can in order to providing them with timely and accurate results.


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Computer Forensics Services


It is easy to find a computer forensic expert, special master, or a private investigator.  Each of these are great assets in their own right. The true value is finding someone who is a skilled and experienced investigator, as well as a computer forensics expert.  These combined skills make the ultimate combination when the stakes are high and all the facts have to be determined.

Most clients just want to know what is on the computer.  To save costs we start with a Basic Report offered at a flat rate.

What is in a Basic Forensics Report?

It is an interactive and detailed report of the activity on this computer. This report includes any recovered web-based email (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), Internet History and Searches, Facebook posts and chats, Skype messages and other Internet activity that can be recovered from the hard drive as well as a list of documents opened by the user. 

The rates for a Basic Report are;

$2,000 for any hard drive up to 1 terabyte.

$2,500 for any hard drive over 1 terabyte. These rates do not cover a forensic examination.


Standard cell phone forensics typically comes in two different flavors. Logical extractions and physical extractions. A logical extraction is the extraction of all of the information found on the operating system. A physical extraction is all of the data found on the operating system for any given device as well as the unallocated space often providing deleted files.

A Forensic Examination Can Retrieve:

·  Text Messages

·  SMS Messages

·  Call Records; Dialed/ Received/ Times/ Duration

·  Pics & Graphics

·  Video

·  Contact Names & Phone Numbers

·  Address Book

·  Email Addresses

·  Caller ID

·  GPS Locations

·  Other Deleted Data

Most clients just want to see what was on the cell phone.  To save costs we start with a basic report offered at a flat rate.

The rates for a basic Cell Phone Report are $500 per device. These rates do not cover a forensic examination.


We offer reasonably priced data recovery services. Our specialty is in software based recoveries such as deleted files, file system failures, Windows Crashes, Blue Screen, reformat of drive, partition corruption, and boot errors. Longson Investigation and Forensics combined experience in forensics and data recovery makes us uniquely suited for these jobs



The president of "Longson Investigation and Forensics" is Charlie Longson. Charlie has over 35 years of total law enforcement experience. This experience includes both state and federal investigations in cases involving homicide, narcotics, property crimes, financial crimes and child exploitation.  Charlie worked as a criminal investigator for over twenty years with a local Sheriff's Office as well as more than twelve years as a computer forensic examiner for both the Sheriff's Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Licensed Private Investigator: Florida License #A1700054

Certified  Forensic Examiner

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